Willington is a pretty village with historical sites to visit and wonderful cycle and walking routes.

Route 51 on the Sustrans Network is a safe off road track that is suitable for walking and wheelchair use.  We are only a five minute walk from The Great River Ouse.

The Dovecote and Stables

In 1912 the daughter of the late Augustus Orlebar, Miss Caroline Orlebar organised a collection to purchase the Dovecote and preserve it by giving it to the National Trust. Her death meant that her wishes were carried out by her brother in 1914. In 1947 Joyce Godber persuaded her father to give the Stables to the National Trust. Since that time the Dovecote and Stables have remained the only National Trust buildings in Bedfordshire and remarkable emblems of the village.

The Dovecote

This has 1500 nesting boxes inside, a nesting site for barn owls and kestrels, the dovecote is a great spot for bird watching. Built by John Gostwick in around 1543 it would have been a significant symbol of his then wealth and importance in the community.


The Stables 

The stables built about 1539 have fine roof timbers and contain informative displays of the history of the site and the village itself. Behind the stables you can see the chimneys of a building which was formerly part of the Tudor manor house. It is now preserved and used as a normal family home.


These two buildings are now opened by appointment with the custodian on a casual basis by local volunteers and on Bank Holidays; refreshments are provided in the Church and many visitors are attracted. Telephone 01234 838278.  Open space is accessible all year.

The Church

The church of Saint Lawrence has been described as one of the finest perpendicular churches in Bedfordshire. An earlier church was much altered and re-built in the 1530s during a time of religious uncertainty and the dissolution of the monasteries.

Come and view these historic buildings in the quiet countryside of Willington, Bedfordshire.